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In the Days of the Deluge

In 2004, Jerry Hansen and Wendy Lestina walked to the site on the Simpson Co. land at Rocky Point where the US Coast Guard helicopter crashed on December 22, 1964. All seven people on board, including Jerry's father, Arnold "Bud" Hansen, were killed.

Copter side


Jerry looking down




Debris Heightened

Jerry Hansen

Members of the Month

Betty Diehl and her daughter, Susan Diehl-McCarthy, in Betty's Main Street living room.
Betty Diehl and her daughter, Susan Diehl-McCarthy, in Betty's Main Street living room.

Singing at the Drop of a Hat

Betty Diehl, Susan Diehl-McCarthy, and Bev Carlson have a long tradition of caroling, in full costume and with an original song, on Halloween. Here, a few of their most memorable appearances:

The Moos Sisters
The Moos Sisters (this performance preceded by a week Bev's election to the
Ferndale School Board). In recent years, the two Diehls (Betty, alto; Susan,
soprano) and Bev (tenor) have been joined by tenor Kristy Winklehaus.

Ghost riders in the sky
Ghost riders in the sky

Diehl not sure devils
Black widow spiders. The devil character at the center (a fly?)
is either Kristy Winklehaus or Pete Bansen; it's a tenor role for sure.

Diehl Indians
The Halloween carolers as "Indians" (during which Susan sang, "I'm Sioux, too")

Diehl alien Easter bunnies
alien Easter bunnies

Diehls of Oz
Diehls of Oz

The Ferndale Community Choir:

The Ferndale Community Choir Assumption Concert circa 1998
A Christmas performance at the Church of the Assumption, circa 1998

Choir Rehearsal Early Years
A choir rehearsal in the early 1970s

The Ferndale Community Choir, 1973
1973 Choir

Betty, featured in the Fortuna Beacon in the choir's 19th year of concerts.

Ferndale Community Choir 25th reunion
Singing at the 25th anniversary celebration at the Community Center, 1994


Maxine Robinson Goff
From The Ferndale Enterprise, 1929: Maxine Robinson (later, Mrs. Pat Goff)
as a candidate for queen of the Fortuna Rodeo.

Ferndale High Drama Club 1931
From The Enterprise, 1931: the girls are, from left, Grace Gwendolyn Shaw
and Maxine Robinson; the boy on the right is Harlan Hindley.

George Robinson
George Robinson was a butcher in Hydesville when he married Pearl Anderson in 1914. The Robinsons then bought a farm near Williams Creek at the end of Rose Avenue, where George started his business of buying and selling cattle, taking in pasture stock, and renting bulls for breeding.

​The Robinson family, haying in the 1930s
The Robinson family, haying in the 1930s

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