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The Ferndale Museum

In our gift shop and bookstore, the museum offers guests an opportunity to purchase local history books, postcards, reproductions of the work of local artists, Ferndale memorabilia and collectibles.

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2016 Mother's Day Cookbook from the Ferndale Museum

Sweet Memories
The Mother's Day Book 2016

A 90-page dessert cookbook featuring the women honored at the museum’s annual benefit, their stories, photographs, and recipes. A family keepsake with amazing dessert recipes from women, past and present, honored by their families and their friends at the Sweet Memories Dessert Auction. Featuring baked goods and speciality items from over a century of celebrated bakers and cooks: great-grandmothers, grandmothers, mothers, great-aunts, aunts, godmothers, sisters -- lives honored with family exhibits of photographs and memorabilia May 7, 2016, at Ferndale City Hall. $20 plus s/h.

Where the Ferns Grew Tall

Where the Ferns Grew Tall

Illustrated with hundreds of photographs, this 322-page book is filled with solid research and dozens of interviews with pioneers. The students of Ferndale High School, class of 1977, wrote (and illustrated) this book when they were juniors in Beverly Carlson’s U.S. history class. Now in its second edition, it remains the definitive history of the Ferndale valley. $25.99 plus s/h. (Also available is The Making of Where the Ferns Grew Tall, an original museum documentary, $15 plus s/h.)


Saving The Queen

An original Ferndale Museum feature-length movie

Saving the Queen:
The Story of Fernbridge

Born amidst political wranging over its location, what was once the world’s longest concrete span has survived 115 years of earthquakes and floods (the only bridge in Humboldt County to do so). The movie highlights the engineering marvel of this local icon, as well as its emotional power within the Eel River Valley community. $20 plus s/h.


Richard Johnston Narrative

Richard Johnston Narrative

Richard Johnston was born in Ireland in 1823 and immigrated to California in 1849 to join the gold rush.  He eventually settled in Bear River, where he ranched until the turn of the century. In 1882, he wrote a narrative of his life; this is his story. 250 pp., includes photographs, diaries, and family tree. $18 plus s/h.



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