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The Ferndale Museum

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The Ferndale Museum is dedicated to presenting programs and exhibits that educate, entertain, and inspire our community to embrace and preserve its rich, unique history. We welcome new ideas  -- and new volunteers to help implement those ideas. To be part of the fun, give us a call at 707-786-4466 or drop us a line at


Mattole moviesTuesday, March 5, 2019:
The three-part set of films were the first documentary movies produced by the Ferndale Museum, and were first shown in March 2010.

“Walking the Wildcat” is based on a film made by Buck Miner and Bill Selby in 1990, and features tour narratives by Ruth Miner, Joe Russ IV, Jim Cook, Andy McBride, Curly Wright, Claude Richardson and Margot Wells.

The walk up the Wildcat begins at the old Casanova home at the base of the road in Ferndale, and ends on a windy point on Bunker Hill. “A Song for Claude,” is a short feature of Bill McBride eulogizing his friend, Claude Richardson, and singing “Bear River Valley.” “Home on the Grange” was based on a museum interview with Donell McCanless and Buck Miner in 2009. It was expanded to include interviews with other folks from Mattole, and ends with a photographic montage of the Petrolia folk of the mid-20th Century, Irv Drewery calling the Paul Jones, and “The Mattole Waltz,” sung by its composer, Dorothy Short.

7 p.m. The Old Steeple. $5 admission at the door.

Saturday, May 11, 2019: 11 a.m. – 4 p.m., Sweet Memories Dessert Auction & Exhibit, Ferndale City Hall. The silent auction of desserts includes 42 exhibits of the lives of beloved women, past and present, sponsored by their family and friends, a buffet luncheon and wine. Admission $5.

lynn in hat with cub scouts
Lynn Lourenco, on right, dons a World War I “doughboy” helmet while sharing memorabilia and stories about the “Great War” with a Cub Scout troop from Eureka. Young people are welcome at the museum, and we often host field trips from local schools and youth organizations. Call Lynn at 707-786-4466 to organize one for your groups.




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