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The Ferndale Museum


In our gift shop and bookstore, the museum offers guests an opportunity to purchase local history books, postcards, reproductions of the work of local artists, Ferndale memorabilia and collectibles.

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2019 Mother's Day Cookbook from the Ferndale Museum

Sweet Memories
The Mother's Day Book 2019

A dessert cookbook featuring the women honored at the museum’s annual benefit, their stories, photographs, and recipes. A family keepsake with amazing dessert recipes from women, past and present, honored by their families and their friends at the Sweet Memories Dessert Auction. Featuring baked goods and speciality items from over a century of celebrated bakers and cooks: great-grandmothers, grandmothers, mothers, great-aunts, aunts, godmothers, sisters -- lives honored with family exhibits of photographs and memorabilia May 2019, at Ferndale City Hall.

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Old Favorites from Ferndale Kitchens: The Museum Cookbook

Now in its second edition, the 212-page cookbook is a historical paean to cooks in the past – from the ’20s through the ’50s, from round-up chow for cowboys to Primo Marca’s wedding cake recipes, from Portuguese wine cookies to the secret recipes from “the sausage wars.” Chronicling not only generations of Danish, Portuguese, English, Italian, Swiss, and German families, but also the building of a community, this bit of anecdotal Americana is $19.95


Wine & Other Delights

Wine & Other Delights

Compiled and illustrated by Viola Russ McBride, first edition 1980, 40 pages of historic beer and wine-making recipes, including elderflower, beet and potato wine; ginger beer, spruce beer; eggnog,  mint cordials, and Tom & Jerrys. $13.95


Wine & Other Delights



The Cowboy Cookbooks of Viola Russ McBride

The Cowboy Cookbooks
of Viola Russ McBride

Four of Viola’s booklets reprinted in one book, enlarged with all calligraphy and sketches as in the originals. $12.95

Congressman Don and Ollie Clausen's Cook Book

Congressman Don and Ollie Clausen's Cook Book

Ferndale native and 10-term north coast District 1 congressman Don Clausen passed out family cookbooks to visitors during his 20 plus years in Washington. Thanks to the generosity of the Congressman, the book, filled with tasty, old fashioned recipes, is now available in the gift shop. Some copies autographed. $5.99

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